The winter of 1995/1996 was the snowiest on record for New England. It was marked by several large scale snowfalls, including a blizzard. The first snowfall occurred in late November. Many cities and towns recorded over 100 inches of snow for the winter.

November, 1995Edit

-November 28-29th Snowfall

December, 1995Edit

-December 1st Snowfall

-December 9th-10th Snowfall

-December 14th Snowfall

-December 16th Snowfall

-December 19th-21st Snowfall

-December 24th Snowfall

-December 26-27th Snowfall

January, 1996Edit

-January 1st Snowfall

-January 2nd-4th Snowstorm

-January 5th Frontal Passage (FROPA)

-January 7-8th Blizzard

-January 10th Snowstorm

-January 12-13th Snowstorm

-January 16th-17th Snowfall

-January 21st-22nd Snowfall

-January 29th-31st Snowfall

February, 1996Edit

-February 2nd-3rd Snowfall

-February 14th Snowfall

-February 16-17th Snowfall (PD 1.5)

March, 1996Edit

-March 2nd Snowfall

-March 7th Snowfall

April, 1996Edit

-April 7-8th Snowfall

-April 9-10th Snowfall

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